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ESL Language School

Prepare for study, work and life in an English-speaking country with one of INTO’s English language courses.

At Quantum, there are 6 levels of ESL classes. Students need to demonstrate their proficiency in all 4 skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing. Upon the successful completion of our ESL program, students are eligible to take university-level English courses. With the completion of our ESL level 5 and level 6 courses, students can take pathway programs that will lead to other accredited post-secondary institutions to attain their Bachelor’s degree in the fields they wish to explore.

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    ESL Programs and Goals

    Level 1

    Do self-introduction
    Describe people and events
    Ask for directions
    Fill out forms

    Level 2

    Write casual emails and informal letters
    Describe problems
    Seek help and show concerns

    Level 3

    Use social expressions
    Express medical concern
    Write book reviews
    Discuss pros and cons

    Level 4

    Research and read biographies
    Write discursive essays
    Express preferences and attitudes

    Level 5

    Write resume and cover letters
    Write formal letters
    Make formal requests
    Conduct debates and presentations

    Level 6

    Compare statistics
    Write business reports
    Write editorials
    Utilize figurative speech, clichés and euphemisms

    Application Process

    Step 1 : APPLY

    Fill out an application form and pay a registration fee, which are non-refundable. If you
    are under 19 years old, parents/guardians must sign the application form as well.

    Step 2 : PAY TUITION

    Once QLA has received your application(s), you will receive an invoice and banking
    information to arrange your payment.

    Step 3 : ACCEPTANCE

    Once you submit your fees to QLA, we can offer you a Letter of Acceptance. Only
    students who apply for the full-time one-year term (48 weeks) will receive a Letter of

    Step 4 : STUDENT VISA

    With our Letter of Acceptance and all documents we provide, you can apply for your
    student visa. You will need to provide a proof of financial means for CIC.

    Step 5 : ENGLISH EXAM

    You must arrive a week before the program start date to take the QLA English
    placement exam in order to determine the appropriate level in which you should enroll.